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2COLD2P This is a great one! It was on--no real surprise here--an ALASKA vanity plate, on a pickup truck. A great sense of humor has this driver :-) .
4FRMGUAMFour from Guam?...Guam is a US protectorate...
ASSYRIAA former kingdom in the Middle East (BC), located along the upper Tigris River in the region that later included Mesopotamia, a northern portion of Babylonia, and now--modern Iraq
BEENTOWNA bet this person is referring to Boston, which has long held the nickname of "Beantown" (owing to the tradition of Boston [style - e.g., w/brown sugar and molasses] Baked Beans...). The "BEA-" form was probably already in use
BOSTON-MThe "M" is most likely for Massachusetts...
BRITISHSomeone who came from the UK it appears -- or is at least a fan of Britain and her royal Majesty. My daughter sent me this while on a trip to Minnesota...
CALI-CHIC On an SUV in a movie theater parking lot. Obviously this driver's a woman from "KALI-FORN-YA" (as Arnold S. used to say).
CANUK 2I'm assuming this person is originally from Canada...
CHITOWN1 Chinatown, somewhere?
EMPIRST8 Obviously a New Yorka (as said by a Bostonian); thanks to Randy W. for this one...
FLORDAAssuming this driver likes the state of Disney World... .
GAMBOAGAMBOA is a small town in the Republic of Panama, originally built to house employees of the Panama Canal and their families. Note: there is also a Cuban featherweight boxer named Yuriorkis Gamboa...Thanks to Randy W. for this one.
GR8VUES "Great views" was on a Virginia plate, probably for the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway... .
GUYANESEThis driver apparently comes from Guyana (South American country)...Seen again recently by Randy W.
IB4MIAMI Probably the city, but could also be the Dolphins...
I-MISS-HIGuessing this is "I MISS HAWAII" (if the HI is in fact the state abbreviation)...I've heard that it's a nice place to visit, but not to live (too expensive)...
ILUVKALIProbably a fan of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's state, KALIFO-NYA [that is, unless the vehicle owner meant "Kali" for Kaliflower (Cauliflower), hehe]!
JRZY GRRLNo doubt about which state this girl's from(unless she's a Brit from the UK's channel islands (one of which is "Jersey").
JERZYDVLNeat license plate--"Jersey Devil" (a mythical creature that allegedly lurks in New Jersey Pinelands). Thanks to Randy W.
KALIGURLWe know which state this driver is probably from--or else it's a guy who LIKES California girls...(doubt it...)
MAINZ IIThis person obviously spent time in Mainz, Germany and decided to put the city on a license plate--apparently two other people (MAINZ and MAINZ1) had already come up with the same idea...
Mainz is a very old city, founded by the Roman general DRVSVS [Drusus] as a base for a Roman legion in about 7 BC and called MOGVNTIACVM (Moguntiacum)--which eventually evolved into today's MAINZ (correctly pronounced "Mine-z"). At least one legion was permanently here during the time of the Roman Empire (1 of 4 legions that were permanently stationed in "GERMANIA"). Roman bricks (produced by the legion) marked in Latin: MOGVNTIACVM FECIT (Moguntiacum made [it] ) were found long ago. The "made in [USA/Germany/China...]" notice is not a new idea!
MASSThis plate belongs to either a Physics fan (mass, energy. etc.) or someone who loves the PAY STATE (ah, sorry--the Bay State; I can call it this, since I am originally a PAY-stater myself), i.e., Massachusetts. MASS is the old-school postal abbreviation for what is now MA. It still serves as the title of state schools, e.g., U-MASS (University of Massachusetts)...
MR. U.K.This chap must originally hail from Great Britain, or else he is a major fan of the same. Long live his/her royal highness, and all that!
NYC NJSelf-explanatory!
NY RYDAThis car apparently belongs to someone from New York who rides at the same time as driving, or perhaps someone else drives, and the owner rides... .
ROOSKIESThis used to be a slang expression for Russians...assuming that's its intended meaning here, as well!
TRINIDADThe Carribean is represented here; wonder if its neighbor, Tobago, is somewhere in North Carolina as well?
UKS #1Pretty self evident: another fan of England and the Commonwealth...This one thanks to Randy W.
WRZBURGAnother person who is either German, or who spent enough time in the country to become a fan of Würzburg, a beautiful town in the NW corner of the state of Bavaria. Würzburg survived WWII relatively unscathed until 16 March 1945, when an air raid by approx. 225 British Lancaster bombers destroyed 90% of the city within a mere 17 minutes. A concerted effort after the war collected photographs of the city taken by tourists, and the city was rebuilt as close as possible to its prewar pattern. Worth a visit once you're there is the Fortress Marienburg (I've been there), which offers a killer view of the city across the Main River. Fine panoramic pic here at Wickipedia

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